Life on the other side of the world - Australia

"Vida al otro lado del mundo - Australia"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Meet Alejandra, a Spanish expat living in Australia.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to regret (to be sorry for)", "at first", "to traverse" and "work visa".

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I have been living in Australia for more than twenty years and I don't regret my decision. At first it seemed too far away but I was very attracted to the idea of living here. What I like the most is the weather, as in Brisbane it's hot most of the year. But what I like the least, are the long distances that you have to travel to visit other cities in the country. In addition, it was not at all easy to obtain a work visa, although marrying an Australian helped a lot. When I met him, I believed in a lot of stereotypes about Australians but I soon realized that they were ridiculous, for example, that Australians live on the beach or that they always wear a swimsuit and flip-flops. What stupid thoughts I had!

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