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Inverted verbs like gustar

Spanish verbs that follow an object-verb-subject pattern

The Spanish verb gustar (to likecan be confusing because it uses an 'inverted' structure where the verb is conjugated with respect to the thing liked rather than the person doing the liking:

Me gustan las manzanas verdes.

In other words, this sentence is really saying green apples please me as opposed to I like green apples.

Another way to think about it is, to-me are-pleasing green apples.

Like English, most Spanish verbs follow a subject-verb-object pattern, but as you can see, gustar and a group of similar verbs follow this inverted or reverse structure: object-verb-subject.

Here's a list of inverted Spanish verbs like gustar.


Gustar (to like)
Me gustan las manzanas verdes. (Green apples are pleasing to me/ I like green apples.)

Encantar (to love [something])
A Lidia le encanta el rugby. (Rugby pleases Lidia a lot/ Lidia loves rugby.)

Doler (to hurt)
Le duele la cabeza(His head is hurting him.)

Importar (to mind)
No nos importa tu opinion. (Your opinion is not important for us/ We don't mind your opinion.)

Faltar (to be lacking)
¿Te falta dinero? (Are you lacking money?/Are you short of money?)

Aburrir (to bore)
Me aburren las matemáticas. (Maths are boring to me./ Maths bore me.)

Quedar (to remain)
Les quedan cinco euros.(They have five euros left.)

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