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Oración subordinada consecutiva

Subordinate clause of result

See also: Conjunción and Conjunction types

Spanish subordinate clauses of result are those clauses that are expressing the result or consequence of the action in the main clause. These clauses will depend on the main clause, so they don't make sense on their own.

Let's see some examples with some common consequence connectives:

"Vas a llegar tarde. así que debes vestirte rápido."

(You are going to be late, so you must get dresses quickly.)

"Los invitados llegan en 10 minutos, luego recoge el salón."

(The guests are arriving in 10 minutes, so tidy up the dinning room.)

"Tiene una personalidad muy atrayente, por lo tanto siempre está rodeado de amigos."

(He has a very attractive personality, therefore he is always surrounded by friends.)

"No se han visto durante años, así que probablemente se sientan un poco raros al verse."

(They haven't seen each other for years, so it will probably feel a bit awkward when they meet.)

Not all result clauses follow the same structure. Some of them need the indicative and some the subjunctive, depending on the nuance.