Pronombre sujeto

Spanish subject pronoun

See also: Pronombre and Pronoun types

Subject pronouns replace nouns whose function is to perform the action of a verb.

La chica está cantando. 
The girl is singing.

Ella está cantando.
She is singing.

Spanish subject pronouns:

Person Spanish pronoun English pronouns
first person singular yo I
second person singular you
third person singular él / ella
he (it) / she (it)
you (formal singular)
first person plural nosotros / nosotras we
second person plural vosotros / vosotras you
third person plural ellos / ellas
you (formal plural)


Note the following differences with English:

  • ways to say 'you'
  1. = singular
  2. vosotros = plural masculine 
  3. vosotras = plural feminine 
  4. usted  = formal singular (grammatically third person)
  5. ustedes = formal plural   (grammatically third person)
  • ways to say 'we'
  1. nosotros = plural masculine
  2. nosotras = plural feminine 
  • ways to say 'they'
  1. ellos = plural masculine 
  2. ellas = plural feminine 


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