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Spanish interjection / exclamation

An interjection or exclamation is the utterance of a particular sound, word or phrase to express an emotion. In most languages, interjections are used in isolation, meaning that they have no grammatical relationship with surrounding words.

For example

  • ¡Oye!  - Hey!
  • ¡Oh!  - Oh!
  • ¡Ay!  - Ouch!
  • ¡Puaj! - Yuck!
  • ¡Anda ya! - Come on!

Real words and expressions can also be used as interjections:

  • ¡Por Dios!  - Good grief! 
  • ¡En serio!  - No way!
  • Estoy sin blanca, o sea, no tengo dinero. - I am skint, I mean, I have no money.
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