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Using the correct word

BjarA0Kwiziq community member

Using the correct word

How to differentiate "Hay" from "Tener"?

Asked 1 year ago
InmaKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hola Bjar

We use tener to talk about possession as the lesson explains, i.e. meaning "to have" [something] and we use "hay" (from the verb haber) to say "there is/there are [something, some things]". Here are some examples that show the difference:

En mi ciudad hay dos cines.

In my town there are two cinemas.

Mi ciudad tiene dos cines.

My town has two cinemas.

En el frigorífico hay una cerveza.

There is a beer in the fridge.

Lo siento, no tengo cerveza.

Sorry, I don't have [any] beer.

I hope this helps and clarifies. You can see our lessons on hay and tener with more examples. I'd suggest adding them to your notebook so you can be tested on them both. 





Using the correct word

How to differentiate "Hay" from "Tener"?

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