Recommended sequence of study


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18 December 2018

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Recommended sequence of study

What would you suggest as the "best" way to approach the lessons in kwizIQ.  The initial test recommended B2.  Is it best to study only the lessons suggested in the dashboard  and trust the system to move me up and also to eventully  fill in gaps from lower levels, or to also take tests for the lower levels and review those lessons, sort of jumping around from level to level, topic to topic.



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18 December 2018


Hi Doug - currently the system will move you up levels - it's left up to you to go back over earlier levels. We highly recommend that you do this, and the level foundation trophies exist to give you some motivation to make sure your foundations are rock solid.

You can switch levels any time it suits, so if you just need a break and want something a little easier for a while you can review the basics. 

I see you're already using notebooks to great effect, they can also be very handy for nailing specific regions of your brainmaps, if you find them tough to complete.

(Nice work so far by the way, your timeline and brainmap are looking great!)


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