noun or adjective?


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7 October 2018

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noun or adjective?

Sorry, Im a little confussed.

Before I attempt to answer this, isn't patience an adjective (modifying Victor, the noun).  Or is it referring to "few patients (pacientes)- not little patience" as a quantity?  

In otherwords, I believe paciencia is an adjective (quality - not quantity), and I think the poco would be a modifier and not be changed.  It would stay poco. Right?

But if the word was patients (pacientes- quantitiy of patients), then the poco would change to poca, because paciente is a feminine noun.

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7 October 2018


I was sent a note that said it has already been answered.  then refered me back to the lesson.  I do not see the answer.  Poco/a/os/as is used with nouns in the lesson, not adjectives. I think that paciencia (adjective-quality) should be changed to pacientes(noun-quantity) in the question. Please be more specific. Thank you.


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8 March 2019


Hola Papi

We are sorry we missed this extra question you sent, following your previous question. It didn't show up in the system.

Going back to the sentence, "Víctor tiene poca paciencia." (Victor has little patience.)

Here you need adjective poco/poca/pocos/pocas to agree with the noun, paciencia. 

This sentence would change if we said "Victor has few patients" (as in "not many"). Imagine Victor is a doctor and we are talking about the amount of patients he has.

"Victor tiene pocos pacientes"

Here you still need to make poco agree with the noun: paciente. Paciente is a masculine noun, and we are using the plural so "pocos pacientes".

Hope this extra explanation helps.



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