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Rod A.C1Kwiziq community member


Hello, Could "niñitos" work in place of "niños pequeños"? Thanks.

Asked 3 years ago
InmaKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hola Rod

"Niñitos" would be correct, but it would sound a bit odd to use it here in this specific sentence: "Si tienes niños pequeños..."(Si tienes niñitos...???)

I think it'd be more natural to use niñito in this other kind of context:

Mi vecina tiene un niñito muy lindo de 4 años.

My neighbour has a very cute 4 year old little boy.

Los niñitos jugaban en el parque con la pelota.

The little kids played in the park with the ball.

These sentences are using it with the -itos sufix to show more affection towards the kids. In the sentence from the exercise it is simply saying "if you have small children" , not being particularly affectionate in that sentence. This is why it may sound a bit odd there.





Hello, Could "niñitos" work in place of "niños pequeños"? Thanks.

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