Names for the verb tenses in spanish


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4 November 2017

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Names for the verb tenses in spanish

When studying Spanish in Kwiziq it is very confusing that you use diferent names for the verb tenses than the online grammar references that I find. For instance: What you call Pretérito perfecto is referenced by most as Pretérito perfecto simple. What you call Pretérito indefinido is referenced as Pretérito perfecto compuesto. Am I using the wrong sources? Is there a "standard/official" name? Please see or

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20 November 2017


Dear José, thanks for contacting us and sorry about our delayed answer. Unfortunately, in Spanish we have different "titles" in order to name tenses and all of them are equally accepted, although it can be quite confusing as you said. The best you could do is to be aware of the several namings used in general (quite a few ones I am afraid.) In Kwiziq we aim to be consistent with these namings and for this reason we are currently working towards a kind of "standardisation" in the names we use. You can always refer to the glossary for more information about tenses and their equivalent in English. Thanks for sharing this issue with us. Silvia.


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1 September 2018


Unfortunately there are as many as four different names in use for each Spanish tense which can be very confusing. We use only one for consistency, but this page shows all the Spanish tense names and their English equivalents, with examples, in case you're used to using a different name.

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