El Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo


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22 April 2018

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El Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo

Please, help me understand the difference:

Me alegro de que hayas viajado a diferentes países.   

I am pleased that you have travelled to different countries.

To me the english deffinition appears to be equal to the present perfect "has viajado".  Is it that there is doubt that you have actually travelled to different countries? or....is there something else that needs to be read into the use of subjunctive here.

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22 April 2018


Hola Papi

In this case we need the subjunctive because we have an introductory sentence which expresses "emotion" (Me alegro de que...=I am glad that...). It would be the same case with "Me entristece que..." (It saddens me that...), "Nos preocupa que..." (It worries us that...) or "Me pone nervioso que..." (It makes me nervous that...), for example.

I hope this clarified your doubt.

Gracias y un saludo


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