¿Dónde quieres comer cuando salgamos esta noche?


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21 August 2018

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¿Dónde quieres comer cuando salgamos esta noche?

In order to use salgamos wouldn't querer need to be in the future -querrás? At least that is what I thought according to the lesson, but the choices in the question only gave answers using quieres so I didn't know how to apply the lesson to this question.

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21 August 2018


Hi Meghan, we sometimes use the present tense to express "future" like in this case, especially with "querer+infinitive". This lesson is about using either the subjunctive or the indicative after "cuando", that's why it needs the subjunctive. You could easily say this as well without changing the meaning: "¿Dónde querrás comer cuando salgamos esta noche?" but both options are expressing a future idea in the first part of the sentence. It sounds more natural to say in Spanish "¿Dónde quieres comer...?, that's why we chose that one.

I hope it helped.


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