Can I say: Felipe veo su madre llegar?


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23 November 2017

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Can I say: Felipe veo su madre llegar?

Why is the word "a" used - "a su madre" and not only "llegar su madre"

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27 November 2017


Hola Emanuel, Verb "ver" needs an "a" if what you see is a person. In this specific question, the "a" has been placed after the second verb "llegar" but it is still a preposition that is linked to "ver". There are two correct sentences but both with preposition "a": 1. Felipe ve llegar a su madre 2. Felipe ve a su madre llegar. ; )


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16 April 2018


This sentence was confusing to me also. I have not seen llegar used in this manner. Could you use "la llegada"  or the arrival? Gracias

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