Adonde vas Manel? correct?


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4 December 2018

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Adonde vas Manel? correct?

You wrote: "With verbs that imply movement we can use all the forms:", with example ¿Adónde vas Manuel?

Does than mean that "Adonde vas Manuel" and "donde vas Manuel"  are correct? The examples only have the forms  adónde and dónde

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7 December 2018


I have the same question.



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15 December 2018


Yes, you can use all the forms with verbs that imply movement. But putting the accent or not will depend on the function of donde-adonde-adónde-dónde in the sentence in question. In the examples about "Manuel" in the lesson they both happen to be interrogative sentences so they both use the forms with the accents, but you could also say:

El lugar adonde va Manuel es un paraíso.

El lugar a donde va Manuel es un paraíso.

El lugar donde va Manuel es un paraíso.

(The place where Manuel is going is a paradise)

I hope this helps



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16 December 2018


Yes, it is clear now, thank you

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