Superstitions in the Middle Ages

"Supersticiones en la Edad Media"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Learn about some superstitions that existed in the Middle Ages.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "tritone", "chord (music: simultaneous notes)", "to invoke (summon)", "alleged", "significantly", and "epilepsy".

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Some of the superstitions that existed in the Middle Ages were extremely bizarre. The Church forbade the tritone to be played, a musical chord whose combination of musical notes supposedly invoked the devil. Another crazy custom worth mentioning was that of judging both domestic and wild animals for their alleged committed crimes, and the cats had the worst luck since they were considered as sent by the devil and, consequently, their population decreased significantly. To end this list of medieval superstitions, there were very twisted people who thought that the blood of old gladiators could cure epilepsy in many patients, the aforementioned custom came from the Romans.