The milkmaid

Spanish B1 writing exercise

La lechera

Learn about the milkmaid's story. In this exercise you'll practise the position of pronouns, "was going to", the relative "que" and words with a change of meaning according to their accent.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "milkmaid", "to sell", "(a) dream", "avarice" and "to get disappointed".

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The milkmaid's story is a fable by Samaniego. The milkmaid was going to sell her pitcher of milk and she was thinking about the money [while she was] on the path that she was going to earn with that sale. However, as she was distracted she tripped and the pitcher broke. What bad luck! All her dreams disappeared at that moment. It is very important to live in the present and not get carried away by avarice so that in this way not to get disappointed if things do not come out as we hope.

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