Environmental issues

"Problemas medioambientales"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

In Spain, environmental fires are a big problem every summer.

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Every summer, there are many fires in Spain. whose main cause is human carelessness. When it comes to forest fires, the year 2012 was the worst with almost 210,000 hectares burnt. We should find a solution for this natural catastrophe and be more responsible for the proper maintenance of the forests. What's more, it's important that we do not forget about climate change because it has been demonstrated that it has a negative impact on fires, by stoking them or hindering their extinction. Fueled by the neglect of many mountains, these fires are becoming larger and more destructive every time. Future generations will want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful forest. It would be good to start cleaning the mountains and toughen the law so that those responsible are pursued.

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