My dream house

"La casa de mis sueños"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Isabel tells us about her dream house.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "dream house", "in the middle of", "bedroom", "furniture", "three-storey house", "glass", "ground floor", "surrounded", "lonely" and "to breathe".

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I am going to describe my dream house to you. It would be located in the middle of a forest, probably in an exotic Latin American country. It'd have about five or six bedrooms, with modern and functional furniture. It'd be a three-storey house, with a Japanese-style garden, and with a lot of glass in order to have a lot of light. There would be three bathrooms, and a study on the ground floor. I'd live surrounded by nature, but not too far from a city, so that I wouldn't feel lonely. The big city has always bored me, with its noise and pollution. What I want is to breathe pure air and to live quietly.

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