Manuela Sáenz: a revolutionary heroine

"Manuela Sáenz: una heroína revolucionaria"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Learn about Manuela Sáenz, a famous Ecuadorian feminist.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "heroic (courageous)", "likewise", "conspiracy" and "at that time".

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Manuela Sáenz was an Ecuadorian soldier and politician who acted in favor of independence from the Spanish Empire, carrying out heroic feats in different battles. In 1822 she was proclaimed Knight of the Sun by General José de San Martín, and similarly she received the title of Libertadora del Libertador from the hands of Simón Bolívar, when she saved his life during a conspiracy. She had a love relationship with Simón Bolívar in which they both fed each other intellectual ideas for the liberation campaign that existed at that time. After his death and the separation of Gran Colombia, she lived in exile in the port of Paita, in Peru. There she was visited by important figures of the time like Giuseppe Garibaldi and Herman Melville. For all these reasons, she is one of the most important symbols of feminism in Latin America.

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