How do Mexicans celebrate Easter?

"¿Cómo celebran los mexicanos la Semana Santa?"
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Learn about Easter in Mexico.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to fast", "Lent", "Holy Week", "Maundy Thursday", "Good Friday", "Holy Saturday", "mourning" and "Easter Sunday".

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Mexicans who are Catholic usually fast during Lent and Holy Week. In addition, they celebrate this period by going to various solemn processions. On Maundy Thursday, the passage of the washing of the feet is represented in many of the country's churches. On Good Friday, there are Catholics who do a penance and fullfil promises, walking on their knees the whole of the way of the cross or carrying a cross on their shoulders. Holy Saturday is a day of mourning for believers and on Easter Sunday the triumph over death is celebrated. If you are interested in this type of religious culture, visit Mexico during Holy Week and discover its ancient traditions.

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