Present Perfect Progressive

aka Present Perfect Continuous

The English present perfect progressive describes a past event or action that is somehow related to the present time, something that is still going on or that stopped recently, but has an influence on the present. It's conjugated with has / have been + present participle.

The present perfect progressive is used to emphasize the duration or course of the action and is used for

  • activities in the recent past:
    • I have been reading that book.
    • We've been waiting for you.
  • tasks or activities that are not yet finished:
    • She has been writing her life story. It will take her months to finish!
    • I've been wanting to try this restaurant. Let's go tomorrow.
  • something that started in the past and has continued up to now, with for and since:
    • She has been studying English since 2010.
    • She has been studying English for years.

  • events whose results are still being felt now:
    • He has been painting the door. It's still wet.
    • We've been arguing a lot. It's exhausting!