Verbos yo-go (presente)

The Spanish "yo-go" verbs

A small number of verbs have a -go ending in the present tense in their "yo" form.

In some cases only the yo form changes, but some are irregular in other forms too:

  • decir (to say) 
  • hacer (to do/make) 
  • poner (to put)
  • salir (to leave/go out) 
  • valer (to be worth/cost)
  • tener (to have)
  • venir (to come)
  • caer (to fall)
  • traer (to bring)
  • oir (to hear)

Here are some examples:

Yo hago mi cama todas las mañanas.I make my bed every morning.

Yo vengo de casa de mi madre.I come from my mother's house.

Yo traigo mi maleta.I bring my suitcase.

Siempre me caigo bajando las escaleras.I always fall going downstairs.

Yo tengo un perro.I have a dog.

Yo pongo las llaves en la estantería.I put the keys on the shelf.

Yo digo lo que pienso.I say what I think.


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