Verbos regulares (futuro)

Regular Spanish verbs in the future tense

The future in Spanish is used to express that "something will happen" the same way as in English.
In Spanish there are lots of verbs that are regular in the future. 
To conjugate a regular verb in the future tense we simply take the whole infinitive and then add the endings to all three conjugations (-ar,-er. -ir):

yo  +(infinitive)
tú  +(infinitive)+ás
él/ella/usted  +(infinitive)
nosotros +(infinitive)+emos
vosotros + (infinitive)+éis
ellos/ustedes +(infinitive)+án

For example:
Yo volveré a las diez y media.
I will come back at half past ten.

Ella no hablará con él.
She won´t talk to him.
Getting that for you now...