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Verbos de cambio vocálico e > i en El Presente

Stem-changing Spanish e > i verbs in present tense

Some Spanish -ir verbs undergo a stem change (e > i) in the present tense in all forms except for the nosotros and vosotros form.
Here is a list of some of these verbs:
  • pedir (to ask/order)
  • decir (to say)
  • predecir (to predict)
  • seguir (to follow/continue)
  • perseguir (to chase)
  • conseguir (to get)
  • competir (to compete)
  • despedirse (to say goodbye)
  • vestirse (to get dressed)
  • exigir (to demand)
  • corregir (to correct)
  • elegir (to choose)
  • reir (to laugh)
  • servir (to serve)
  • sonreir (to smile)
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