Verbo intransitivo

Spanish intransitive Verb

Verbos intransitivos (intransitive verbs) are the ones that have complete meaning on their own and that do not require a direct object.

Mi madre duerme. 
My mother sleeps.

María sonríe.
María smiles.
Some intransitive verbs: hablar (to talk, to speak), nadar (to swim), cantar (to sing), bailar (to dance)andar (to walk)sonreír (to smile)ir (to go), vivir (to live)morir (to die).

Attention, sometimes there are exceptions:

- Verbos intransitivos can work as transitivos if they appear in the sentence with a direct object.
Durmió al niño en sus brazos.

He got the child to sleep by holding him in his arms.

- Verbos transitivos can work as instransitivos if there is no direct odject in the sentence. 

El niño lee en clase. 
The child reads in class.


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