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Primera persona

Spanish First Person

The grammatical category of person relates to the personal pronouns that are used to replace nouns (people, animals or things). Person is also the relationship between a subject and its verb.

The first person refers to the speaker itself or to a group that includes the speaker

For example,

Yo voy a la playa.  -> yo is the person speaking.

Nosotros fuimos al mar.  -> nosotros includes the person speaking.

This perspective has singular and plural forms as well as subject, object, disjunctive and possessive equivalents.


First person Spanish pronouns:

   Subject   Reflexive Object Disjunctive Possessive
Yo me me moi mon, ma, mes, le mien...
Nosotros nos nos nous notre, nos, le nôtre...
      nous notre, nos, le nôtre...


ATTENTION: case of usted/ustedes

The pronouns usted/ustedes are tricky in Spanish in the sense that, in terms of conjugation, they are considered the third person singular/plural (conjugate like él/ella/ellos/ellas), but, in terms of meaning, it is the formal form of you.

For example:

Usted llegó un poco tarde. (You arrived a bit late.) (You formal singular.)

Ustedes van a viajar en primera clase. (You are going to travel on first class.) (You formal plural.)

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