Adverbio de modo

Adverbs of manner

Adverbs of manner are those that talk about "how" something happens. They modify the verb giving this type of information.

Some common adverbs of place are:

El gato dormía plácidamente en el sofá.

(The cat was sleeping placidly on the sofa.)

He puesto todos los documentos en orden.

(I put all the documents in order.)

Organizaron una fiesta a lo grande, con cientos de invitados y con orquesta.

(They organised a party on a large scale, with hundreds of guests and an orchestra.)

Por favor, vete; quiero estar solo un rato.

(Please, go; I want to be on my own for a bit.)

Note that when they are formed by a group of words they are called "locuciones adverbiales", i.e. "a lo grande", "en orden".


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