Why is it so hard to learn Spanish

FlorenceA0Kwiziq community member

Why is it so hard to learn Spanish

I don't get it

Asked 5 months ago
LynnA0Kwiziq community member

It may be because you never learned the English grammar rules in high school. I am finding that I have to review the English grammar rules as I proceed learning my Spanish.

JohnC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Hang in there Florence, 

you will get it, and much faster than you think. I don’t think there is a better programme than Kwiziq if you are the kind of person to work steadily through the steps as the programme is rolled out to you. A bonus is that as Lynn suggests the grammar is key, and you will find out that Spanish is a beautiful language, grammatically. Saludos. John

IsaiahA0Kwiziq community member

me either lmao

StanleyA0Kwiziq community member

Yeah, it’s so much harder to learn a 2nd language than a first. But just hang in there, and then you can have private convos in spanish lol

SunA0Kwiziq community member

I find Spanish is difficult, due to the grammas!

Why is it so hard to learn Spanish

I don't get it

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