Where can I learn more about when to use Había and when to use Hubo?


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2 December 2017

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Where can I learn more about when to use Había and when to use Hubo?

I know había is imperfecto and hubo is pretérito, but in this context it seems not always applicable. Is there a clear distinction?

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2 December 2017


Hola Mieke, We are creating more lessons about specific uses at the moment. As you know both "Había" and "Hubo" translate as "There was/were", however the first will be used to express continuity in the past while with the latter there is no sense of continuity. You can have a look here to learn a bit more about the use of the imperfect: https://progress.lawlessspanish.com/my-languages/spanish/view/5111 and here: https://progress.lawlessspanish.com/my-languages/spanish/view/5111 Gracias, Inma


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7 December 2017


Hi Mieke I have always found lots of information on youtube. Suggest google "haber Spanish youtube", you are sure to find a video that suits your style of learning

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