What is the purpose of "se" in this sentence?


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5 September 2018

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What is the purpose of "se" in this sentence?

"Algunas compradoras se gastan mucho dinero en las rebajas." means...

Why not "Algunas compradoras gastan mucho dinero..." There is no passive voice here; "Some shoppers" is the subject of this sentence.

This problem arises often in my readings of Spanish, and I would love to understand it. Is this a passive, reflexive, or accidental use of "se"?

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9 September 2018


Hi Allison

Sorry about the delay.

This "se" is intensifying the meaning of the verb. This is one of the specific uses of "se". Another example would be:

"Se fue muy rápido" (She left very quickly) or "Se comió la mitad de la tarta" (He ate half the cake)

It is very commonly used in Spanish. That's why you keep seeing it in your readings.

I hope this helps


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