What do they mean?

HannahA0Kwiziq community member

What do they mean?

Hi could anyone tell me what " usar", "comodo", "velicidad", "dejan" "cojer" mean? 

Asked 4 years ago
InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Hannah,

usar = to use

cómodo = comfortable

velocidad = speed

dejar = to allow 

coger = to catch/to take



MaiA0Kwiziq community member

usar: use

Cómodo; confortable

Velocidad: speed

Dejan: allow

coger: get 

JETA1Kwiziq community member

Hannah's question gets to the heart of my issue with these exercises - there are many words that the novice learner doesn't know but we never get to see an English translation of the sentences we are hearing and writing so even if we may get the spelling correct, we still don't know the meaning of the word. 

InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Jet

There is always an introduction to each dictation with a suggestion to look up some words that you will hear during the exercise. For this exercise, this is what the intro shows:

"Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "estación", "coger", "tardar", "cómodo", "compartimentos", "alta velocidad",  and "descansar".

We include in the intro the words that may present some difficulty.



What do they mean?

Hi could anyone tell me what " usar", "comodo", "velicidad", "dejan" "cojer" mean? 

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