Time markers - imperfecto vs indefinido

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6 January 2019

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Time markers - imperfecto vs indefinido

I got this correct because it was explained to be "describing a situation", but I am struggling with this one. There is no time marker, so I struggle with this one. Actually, I look at "en punto" and think indefinido.  Help!   ;)

8El reloj ________ las seis en punto.The clock struck six o'clock.HINT: It is describing a situation.marcamarcómarcabaha marcado

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6 January 2019


¡Hola Papi!

"En punto" doesn't really trigger any tense in particular -it just specifies an accurate time, in this case 'six o'clock'. We need to use El Pretérito Imperfecto in this question because the hint states that it is describing a situation in the past, and this is the strongest reason why we have to. If the hint said that it is describing a specific moment in the past, then we would have to use El Pretérito Indefinido and therefore the nuance of the sentence would slightly change. 

To sum up, using either El Pretérito Imperfecto or El Pretérito Indefinido can be subjective at times WITHOUT time markers, depending on the intention of the speaker (description of a past situation without a specific time frame vs. description of a past situation at a specific time).

Thanks for your contribution.


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