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29 June 2018

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I have the worst time remembering which one is what. I get ese/esa and esto/esta mixed up all the time. Any suggestions on how to remember them?

Aquello/aquella isn't so hard to remember since it's so different

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29 June 2018


The adjectives <this: este/esta, that: ese/esa, and that over there aquel/aquella> are a little bit tricky to remember.

I believe that you have also mixed in some of the neuter pronouns. Which you use for an unknown thing and for abstract ideas.

What is this? Qué es esto?

What is that? Qué es eso?

What is that over there? Qué es aquello?


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30 June 2018


Hi Martin and Lyndsey,

Yes, I see how these 3 can be difficult to remember sometimes, specially because you have two, we have three. In order to remember este/esta you could always think of "Esta mañana", which is a phrase I am sure you are familiar with, and you will associate with "this" (not "that") straight away.

We do have lots of lessons in our system about demonstratives, both for how to form them and how to use them, though.



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