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Que or cuáles

Jack O.B1Kwiziq community member

Que or cuáles

Why not “estos pantalones, cuáles he tenido “?

Asked 9 months ago
InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Jack

cual, cuales used as relative pronouns (which is this case: that, which...) are always used with the articles el cual, la cual, los cuales, las cuales, and no accent. 

When you use cuál and cuáles as such (no articles and with the accent) is when they are in an interrogative (direct or indirect) or exclamatory sentence:

¿Cuál es tu favorito? 

Which is your favorite? (direct question)

No sé cuáles quiero.

I don't know which ones I want. (indirect question)

In the sentence about the trousers, it is a relative pronoun referring to trousers:

Esos pantalones, los cuales he tenido...

These trousers, that/which I've had...


Que or cuáles

Why not “estos pantalones, cuáles he tenido “?

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