que/ el que

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que/ el que

Do we use' el que'  with subjunctive ?

Asked 3 years ago
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Hola Cristina

Yes, we can use the subjunctive with these relative clauses. In the lesson we have some example sentences using the subjunctive:

Los que hayan reservado con antelación pueden ir a esa ventanilla.

The ones who booked in advance can go to that desk.


Coge un par de plátanos, los que estén más maduros.

Grab a couple of bananas, the ones that are more ripe.

Using the indicative or the subjunctive will depend on whether what we are referring to is something/someone known/specific (indicative) or something/someone unknown/unidentified (subjunctive).

We have a specific lesson about this. Have a look here.

In hope this helps.



que/ el que

Do we use' el que'  with subjunctive ?

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