Problems with verbs of change


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24 September 2018

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Problems with verbs of change

Ella ________ famosa después del anuncio de la tele. She became famous after the advert on the TV.

This example seems to be a consequential change (resulting from being on TV) not a voluntary change. The answer given is hacerse, but volverse seems more adequate if my understanding is correct. But this isn't even listed as a verb of change in the lesson. 

Isn't quedarse a better choice than hacerse? I thought hacerse meant a change as a result of a conscious and voluntary effort on the part of a person undergoing the change?

These verbs are so confusing!!!

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25 September 2018


Hola Allison

Volverse is also right in this sentence as it is sometimes interchangeable with hacerse. (We have a lesson on "volverse" coming up. We didn't want to include it in this lesson as it brings confussion)

Quedarse is not an option here as quedarse is used for more "permanent physical changes" like "Se quedó calvo" (He became bald)

I hope this helped a bit


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