Present subjunctive of jugar


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17 June 2018

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Present subjunctive of jugar

The question is

Será mejor que ________ sin apostar dinero.
It's better to play without gambling money.
HINT: Conjugate "jugar" in El Presente Subjuntivo.

The answer given is “juguemos”. Why not “juguéis” , “jueguen” , “juegue”  or “juegues”?

This question relates to:
Spanish lesson "Conjugate irregular verb jugar in El presente de Subjuntivo (present subjunctive)"


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17 June 2018


Hola William

You are right. It could be any of the answers you are proposing. We forgot to say in the hint "Conjugate the nosotros form...". It's been corrected.

Thanks for reporting it.


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