por la noche vs de la noche

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por la noche vs de la noche

Why is it "los jueves POR la noche" but "disfrutando DE la noche"?

Asked 3 years ago
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Hola Peter

Here we are using "de la noche" because the preposition is linked to the verb:

disfrutar de algo = to enjoy something

disfrutar de la noche to enjoy the night

So this is not a time phrase at all, the way "por la noche" is. It has a completely different function in this sentence.

Now, the difference between using the time phrases "por la noche" and "de la noche" are:

Por la nocheduring the night/evening, at night

Me gusta cenar poco por la noche.

I like eating little at night (in the evening)

Por la noche solemos ver un rato la tele.

We usually watch the telly in the evening.

De la noche: PM (as opposed to AM)

Son las diez de la noche, me tengo que ir.

It's already 10 PM, I have to go.

-¿A qué horas tienes la cita? (What time is your appointment?)

-A las nueve y media. (At 9:30)

- ¿A las nueve y media de la noche? (At 9:30 PM/in the evening?)

- ¡No! A las nueve y media de la mañana. (No! 9:30 in the morning)

As you can see in the last example, we use "de la noche" to specify which part of the day when we are talking about time. 




JohnC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Hi Peter,

Though they both translate as "at night" in a number of dictionaries, my Spanish teacher insists that "por la noche" means during the night, and "de la noche" means at night. So ... "I woke up three times during the night - por la noche" and "Owls come out at night - de la noche." My big mistake for a long time was to say "a la noche" which is just wrong for "at night." I'm sure the teachers can add to this.

Saludos. John

por la noche vs de la noche

Why is it "los jueves POR la noche" but "disfrutando DE la noche"?

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