Meter vs poner

MollyA1Kwiziq community member

Meter vs poner

Is poner more common than meter?

Asked 4 years ago
InmaKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hola Molly

They are both common. Poner is used for a more general meaning of "to put" [something somewhere] and "meter" is used for "putting something inside something":

Metí la ropa en el armario/Puse la ropa en el armario. 
I put the clothes in the wardrobe.

If it we are talking about putting something on something (not in), then we can only use "poner".

Meter is used when putting something "inside".

I hope this clarified things.




PaulA1Kwiziq community member

HI I have seen pulsar I didn't know this one I use poner 

Meter vs poner

Is poner more common than meter?

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