Is it possible to have "la que"?


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10 November 2018

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Is it possible to have "la que"?

I come to it after the test question:

Sinceramente, ________ odio de ti es tu frialdad. Honestly, what I hate about you is your coldness.I thougth the answer to be la que, because it is la frialdad. But probably i am wrong.

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Spanish lesson "Using lo que = what, which, that which, the thing that (relative pronouns)"


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11 November 2018


Hola Hans,

In this case you need "lo que" because it is referring to "The thing that", as a neutral thing/idea. So, we could say:

"The thing I hate about you is your coldness." or "What I hate about you is your coldness." 

There is a very similar example in the lesson:

Lo que admiro de ellos es su tenacidad.
What I admire about them is their tenacity.
The thing that I admire about them is their tenacity.

I hope this helps.


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