Combo te llamas

CatherineA0Kwiziq community member

Combo te llamas

Asked 5 years ago
CatherineA0Kwiziq community member

Me llamo Catherine

FirstnameA0Kwiziq community member


NeilA1Kwiziq community member

For some of us, the explanation of certain phrases should include the literal word-for-word translation related to the meaning, because we learn by association, not memorization. In this case, "Me llamo Juan" does not literally mean "My name is Juan", but as you noted earlier in this discussion, it means "I call myself Juan".  It helps to understand WHY a phrase is constructed as it is and relate that to the English form.

MuskaanB1Kwiziq community member

Me llamo Muskaan 

ElizaA2Kwiziq community member

Me llamo Eliza

Chris A0Kwiziq community member

Me llamo Chris 

MukasaA0Kwiziq community member

Me llamo hartman

DavidA1Kwiziq community member

Me llamo David

Combo te llamas

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