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Can traer also mean 'to drag'?

Tonya G.B1Kwiziq community member

Can traer also mean 'to drag'?

Asked 5 years ago
InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Tonya

Well, traer might mean "to drag" for example when used in an exercise where you need to click and drag each word to the right box. The instruction may say "trae cada palabra a su casilla adecuada", or something like that (what you really mean is "bring"), but the general meaning of traer is "to bring". We´d use "arrastrar" for "to drag", for example "Don't drag the chair across the room" -> "No arrastres la silla por la habitaci'on"

Hope this helps


Tonya G.B1Kwiziq community member

Thanks for the clarification. 

Can traer also mean 'to drag'?

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