Volunteering in a nursing home

"Voluntariado en una residencia de ancianos"
Spanish A2 writing exercise

Nicolás and Mateo tell us about their work experience with elderly people.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "rewarding", "to sew", "well-being" and "(playing) cards".

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Last month we were volunteers in a nursing home. It was a very rewarding experience. Each one of the old people had a different caregiver who was responsible for their wellbeing. In the mornings, we sewed clothes with them, (we) served them (the) food at one and then we helped them back to their room(s). In the afternoons, we played cards or we watched television in the living room before dinner at seven. After dinner, we had to put them to bed and that's how our day ended with them.

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