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New Year's Eve music in Mexico

"Música de Nochevieja en México"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

On New Year's Eve in Mexico, the streets buzz with traditional music.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "household (home)", "commonly (usually)", "to include", "on the other hand" and "significantly".

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In many Mexican households, traditional songs are commonly heard, including rancheras, cumbias and corridos. Rancheras usually feature highly emotional lyrics and are performed by popular singers. Cumbias are infectious and lively, making them a popular choice. Corridos, on the other hand, narrate love stories, heartbreak, tragedies, heroic exploits, among others. Narrative elements are fundamental in this musical genre. Music can vary significantly depending on the region, but, in general, the songs are happy and festive and they invite you to dance and celebrate.

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