Lost among cacti

"Perdida entre cactus"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Lucía found herself adrift in a prickly sea of cacti.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "cacti", "to run out of (use up supplies)", "to despair", "hummingbird" and "to her surprise".

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My friend Lucía was lost in a desert area filled with cacti. The scorching sun had left her exhausted and her water bottle was quickly running out. Just when she was beginning to despair she heard a humming nearby. It was a small hummingbird trapped between the cactus spines. Lucía, with great care, helped it free itself. The tiny bird, as if it knew that she had saved its life, hovered around Lucía for a moment. before flying in a specific direction. Lucía decided to follow the hummingbird since she had nothing to lose, and to her surprise, it led her back to civilization. She was overjoyed!

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