Sustainable practices in Latin America

"Prácticas sostenibles en América Latina"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Discover how Latin American countries are leading the way with sustainable agriculture and plastic-free innovations.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "priority", "to implement", "environmentally friendly", "agroecology", "permaculture", "supply chain", "fishing net" and "to promote (foster, encourage)".

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Sustainable agriculture is becoming a priority in Latin America. With its rich biodiversity and vast natural resources, the region is in a unique position to implement environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. From organic farming to agroecology and permaculture, farmers are adopting methods that promote soil conservation, biodiversity and efficient use of water. In addition, with the firm objective of reducing plastics throughout the supply chain, farmers as well as cooperatives and companies are implementing alternatives to plastic like biodegradable packaging, recycled fishing nets and reusable bags. Finally, it is important not to forget that every little action counts to promote sustainable practices in our daily lives.

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