Madidi National Park

"Parque Nacional Madidi"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Explore the wonders of Madidi National Park.

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Welcome to the virtual tour of Madidi National Park in Bolivia! Get ready to discover one of the most fascinating and biodiverse places in the world. Madidi is a national park located in northern Bolivia, in the Amazonian region. With an area of more than 18,000 km², it is considered one of the largest national parks in South America. This place is home to more than 11,000 species of plants and animals, many of which are endemic to the region. In addition, it has a great diversity of landscapes, that go from the valleys and the jungle to the highest mountains of the Andes Mountain range. If you feel like getting to know the tropical jungle, get ready to enter one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the world. In the jungle you will find captivating wildlife, including monkeys, jaguars, sloths, macaws and many more species, as well as interesting plants and trees, some of which are used in traditional medicine. What a spectacular site!

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