If I were a child again

Spanish B2 writing exercise

Si volviera a ser niño

Miguel would like to turn back time and become a child again. In this exercise, you'll practise hypothetical clauses with El Imperfecto de Subjuntivo and El Condicional Simple, subordinate causal clauses, and exclamatory sentences.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "lately" and "right now".

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Lately I feel very nostalgic, although I'm not too old yet, I would love to turn back time and be reborn to do things in a different way. If I could, I would go back to my childhood and my grandparents' village to be able to spend more time with them, because they died when I was 5 years old. Also, if I were to be a child again, I would play more in the street with my friends and I would spend more time outdoors in nature. Maybe all this is not be very realistic since I would travel to the past with the experience that I have right now, valuing all those things that I let go by. What a nerdy person I am!

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