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¿Sabías cuál es el origen del turrón?

Spanish online reading and listening practice - level B1

This reading and listening exercise is about the traditional Spanish Christmas nougat called turrón. This is suitable for level B1 Spanish students. Like most countries, when Christmas comes round Spain has its fair share of speciality sweetmeats. Probably the most widely eaten is turrón, a type of nougat that is traditionally made with almonds, honey, eggs and sugar. The very solid turrón made with whole almonds is called turrón de Alicante, also familiarly called turrón duro (hard turrón), and the softer one made with ground almonds is called turrón de Jijona, which is - you guessed it, also known as turrón blando (soft turrón). Both of these are named after towns in the autonomous community of Valencia from where they originate. These days any confectionary can be made into a rectangular tablet and called turrón. There's a kind of marzipan turrón made only with egg yolks called turrón de yema tostada. But you can also have chocolate turrón - turrón de chocolate usually with crisped rice; turrón de cacahuete - peanut turrón; turrón with candied fruits, there are many different kinds available!

Exercise: ¿Sabías cuál es el origen del turrón?

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