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La Casa de las Flores: historia y personajes

Spanish online reading and listening practice - level B1

a flower shop with a broken jar on the floor The Mexican series La Casa de las Flores, a big success on Netflix, redefined telenovelas for a global audience through its dark comedy and drama, intricate plot twists, and vivid portrayal of contemporary issues. To get a glimpse of its plot and main characters try our bilingual reader, but please be aware there are spoilers!

This reading and listening exercise can help you practise relative pronouns , feminine nouns and the use of past participles as adjectives .

Text by Inma Sánchez and audio by a Latin American voice professional.

Exercise: La Casa de las Flores: historia y personajes

Listen to the audio, then read the transcript. Click any phrase for the translation and links to related grammar lessons which you can add to your Kwiziq notebook to practise later.

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